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COURSE: swift 3 fundamentals





Swift has rapidly become the essential language for developing on any Apple platform: iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

In this course, I'll explain everything you need to get comfortable with this concise and powerful language. And clear up many common misconceptions, so you can write Swift that looks and feels like Swift, not some approximation of JavaScript or C++. 



what is programming?

An "unashamedly fundamental" course - willing to ask (and answer) even the most basic questions: so what is a computer program, really? What's the deal with all the ones and zeros? And how does anybody get from "Hello, World" to "Hello, World of Warcraft?" 

SMARTER than yesterday

A wonderfully-done, simple 70 seconds that shows what drives us at Pluralsight.

Take a look - you may recognize the voice!